Our Eyewear Collections

We pride ourselves on our eyewear collections, sourced from all around the world from the very best in independent design and brought back to Scotland for you to enjoy. These eyewear designers have a passion for their craft and they continue to move things forward for glasses wearers, we carry each of them to bring you something special, here are the stories behind our brands. 


Titans of the industry, this small family company is loved and admired across the globe. While the usual mainstream brands follow the trends, Theo creates the trends.  If you're ready for glasses with a new twist, innovative effects, colour tricks and comfortable, well-styled frames that are unexpectedly lightweight too, you’re ready for Theo.


Minimalist design at its finest and one of our most in-demand brands.  The Swiss powerhouse that is Gotti combines the finest craftsmanship with comfortable, easy-to-wear design in their lighter-than-air titanium and rimless designs from subtle to bold.            A sophisticated statement for your daily life. 


Heading over to California now to the very first brand we brought back to Clelland & Boyd and one that has been putting smiles on our clients' faces with their timeless shapes and beautiful colour palettes. Inspired by the beauty in nature, you'll find deep forest greens, bright sky blues, striking smokey greys and soft sandy browns in the highest quality Japanese acetates. 

L.A. Eyeworks

Staying in California, Los Angeles to be precise and a company that has been turning heads for over 40 years. 
When we first discovered L.A Eyeworks we were blown away by the unique colours and shapes and the warmth and passion of owners and designers Barbara and Gai, we knew that they'd be a great fit for our Eyewear Boutique and they have proved popular ever since they hit the shelves. 


The Danish delights of Orgreen have been captivating you since we introduced the collection in autumn 2023. For the quality-conscious individual, Orgreen focus on timeless design and superior quality materials, exclusively sourced and hand-crafted in Japan, a land with a proud tradition of eyewear manufacture. Their in-house colourist pulls inspiration from art, architecture and nature so you can select from a more subtle shade or a brighter pop of colour. 


When I think of extraordinary I always think of Rolf. Nestled in the Tyrolian Alps is a small company with big ambitions; creators, visionaries and masters of sustainability. Rolf create glasses from natural materials including wood, seed and slate. You'll feel the love that went into the countless hours of craftmanship. 

Face a Face

A much loved collection at Clelland & Boyd is the Parisian creations of Face a Face. Inspired by the culture, art and architecture of Europe this eyewear is as much jewellery as it is glasses. With a colour palette that is unique to their range, these glasses are not to be missed.

Sabine Be

This collection was an instant hit when we introduced it back in early 2023, bright colours and bold shapes are the name of the game with frames to catch the eye and express your individual personality. Whether it's optical or sunglasses Sabine Be leaves you wanting more.